Blacksmith Shop

In a land where magic is forbidden, the blacksmith works in secret to create weapons for the rebels. The blacksmith's secret forge stands apart from the village it supports. A cool wind blows from the mountains and stirs the ashes in its forge.

Black Sun Wars

The set uses a modular building system, scalable printing and multiple colour variations for most of the models that allows you to create a near infinite amount of ship variations.

Gods of Steam: Shock Troopers

"I now see the grave error I made. An error that cost thousands their lives and engulfed a continent in war. The war is a beast of its own success, feeding on the weak, fueled by iron and blood. The man is now a leader, an emperor. He is now... one of the GODS of STEAM."

Gods of Steam: Rocket Troopers

"I never truly believed her, she was young and prone to flights of fantasy. It wasn't until I heard them, great gusts of air and steam droning in the distance, then I saw them, these flying men of steam. We were not prepared."